9xy/2 Mrs Rose John Steinbeck Research Due Mon 11th July

5 John Steinbeck Biography

Complete the research tasks on John Steinbeck.




8y2 HW due 6th June: Classic Gothic Novel Reading Challenge

Jane Eyre Chapter 15

Frankenstein Chapter 5

Dracula Chapter 2

Read a key chapter from one of these classic Gothic novels. You can get a copy from the library or read online. See above for links.

Task: On paper

1) Summarise your response the  chapter: How did it make you feel? Which part did you particularly enjoy?

2) Select X5 powerful words to create a class vocabulary back.

3) Explain which of the main features of Gothic literature were present in this chapter. Gothic Literature Features

Chapters to choose from:

‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley: Chapter 5

‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker: Chapter 2

‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte

‘The Woman in Black’ by Susan Hill: Chapter 10 (Not available online)

Year 11 Of Mice and Men

Here is the essay plan on friendship used in today’s WTM.

1.The theme of friendship is significant to the structure of the novel as the close relationship between George and Lennie is the first thing Steinbeck establishes.

A04: Great Depression, migrant workers, break up of families= an unusual friendship.

Steinbeck’s writing style- animal imagery, dialogue.

2Furthermore, in terms of structure, the hope of a new friendship with Slim is important in giving the reader some hope at the end of an otherwise bleak novel.

A04: Steinbeck showing how the depression has left people unsympathetic and hostile to others- Slim is unusually kind.

3.The theme of friendship is also significant as it’s closely linked to the theme of dreams and loneliness as shown through Candy after the shooting of his dog.

A04: the more vulnerable in society are particularly friendless and lonely- the elderly / American Dream an illusion.

4.Steinbeck has created a notable character in Lennie as the way he is presented in the novel allows other people to befriend him.

A04: Crooks and issues of race / Curley’s wife and Women in a Man’s world /  Steinbeck’s writing style- use of settings.

 5.Steinbeck uses the theme to make an important social comment – friendship struggles to survive in this social and historical context.

A04: Steinbeck’s friendship with Ed Ricketts who he travelled with and created as a character ‘Doc’ in the novel ‘Cannery Row’, own experience of the loneliness of migrant works.

11/En2 : IGCSE & Lit Revision

English at Teignmouth

Cambridge IGCSE Papers

Nov 2014 QP

2015 PPE CIE style Winter Wonderland – Question Paper

2015 PPE CIE style Winter Wonderland –



Just Question 1 & 2 from these:

June 2014 Insert

June 2014 QP

Nov 2014 Insert

Literature Sample Assessment Material

Do not print this- it’s 200+ pages long!

Includes Literature Prose and Poetry questions & March schemes


Hound of the Baskervilles

Remember with these past papers question C no longer appears! Just do a,b,d.

Higher Past Papers

Of Mice and Men Page 17


Clashes & Collision poetry

Scanned blank poems:

scanned blank poems

Poetry planning table

language device terms sheet (large)

poetic devices terms sheet

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8y2 due Thur 28th April

Come up with your own idea for a ‘Butterfly Effect’ science fiction story. Bullet point the stages of the story. Here’s an example from The Sound of Thunder.

  1. Keith (a good man) wins the USA presidential election.
  2. Eckels who’s worked on the campaign celebrated by going on a ‘Time Safari.
  3. He goes back to shoot a T-Rex.
  4. He’s warned not to step off the path.
  5. He does and kills a butterfly.
  6. This event changes the future and Keith loses to Deutcher- a bad man!

8y2 due Thur 21st April

Mrs Rose is not a big fan of the science fiction genre.

Task: Write 200 words persuading her she should read more sci-fi.


How could you approach this task?

  1. If you’re not familiar with the features of the sci-fi genre you could research them and then explain why I might like them.
  2. You could also find out about key sci-fi authors and novels and persuade me that I should read a particular writer’s work and explain why.